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Our true passion? Stories.

We just love a good one. With a team of professional publishers, editors, and writers – we are here to bring your voice into the light.

What we do

We offer the whole shebang – from language editing to digital print on demand services. Even more exciting, we thrive on working with LGBTQ+ and minority writers, as well as giving unheard voices a platform.

Latest Publications 

Propagating Big Ideas. Uplifting unique voices.

We took the traditional publishing “box” and burned it. It was great, we used it as kindling to start the fire we gather round to tell stories under the stars. 

Why we are different

Well, for one thing we drink too much coffee, so we’re always just a tad over enthusiastic and hyped up. We are a team of  multi-faceted and multi-talented individuals who thrive on diversity, which is why Lorem Ipsum is a hybrid indie press, publishing house and marketing agency. Whether you are looking for someone to edit your annual report, language edit your academic manuscripts, or help you bring life to the novel that’s burning inside you – we’re your team.

Most importantly of all – we create space for your story, and we believe that every voice deserves to be heard.

We’re pretty versatile, and our team is old-school friendly, so why not get in touch and let’s find out what your story is?


Dis’ reg, we edit in Afrikaans, too!

We skiet English editorial services, In every shape and colour, boet – but we gooi our services in Afrikaans too! We dala for the South African market – so we offer Afrikaans/English language translation, Afrikaans editing, and the whole ma’ se taal shebang. Hou net dop – ons Afrikaans editor is daai goose.

Our Skills

We are the story tellers. Sometimes we paint pictures with words, other times we tell stories with pictures. Either way – Lorem Ipsum makes space for you and your story. 

Lorem Ipsum is a hybrid Publishing House, “Taal Huis“, Indie Press and Marketing and Design Emporium. We cover everything from language editing, developmental editing, research, publishing, cover design, layout, and creative development. We will create and design your annual reports; Language edit your manuscripts; Publish your books; and if you like, set up your marketing plan and get your book into all the right sales channels.

  • Language Editing 90% 90%
  • Developmental Editing 90% 90%
  • Layout & Design 95% 95%

Being an Indie Press means we can do pretty much whatever we want in the world of publishing – including offer our advice as writing vetrans. 

Writing Mentorship

In very special circumstances, if the planets are aligned, the chemistry is fizzing and the voices in our heads say so, we will offer our exclusive writing mentorship services. This can be in the form of developmental editing, or even regular scheduled sessions and check-ins with your mentor – in order to help turn those first drafts into completed manuscripts that are ready for final editing. 




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How do you know that you’re a writer? Writers write. 

We’re keen as a bean to hear your story, and maybe even tell it, too. 

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