Voice of the Youth by C. Boyers


Deep in the favelas of Brazil, Zee finds himself with a rare opportunity to escape the cycle of poverty and crime that both choke and fuel his world.

His struggle to find purpose is guided by the mysterious no-nonsense owner of Cavalheiro, the barbershop where he works. Yet the moment he steps out onto the cobblestone streets, his chaotic life descends on him – again and again.

When Zee’s artistic talent and passion for painting presents a chance out of poverty, he is forced to take a long hard look at his life, and everything in it.

After a lifetime of inexplicable hurt, anger and fear, can his art finally give him a voice?

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A gripping crime fiction novel based on the travels and findings of criminal justice journalist, C. Boyers.

This fast paced fictional paperback is a testament to the concept “Statistics have stories”.
The author is a social justice activist who has travelled the globe collecting and representing tales about “the stories behind the stats”.  Stories about real people who become involved in inescapable situations and end up becoming nothing more than statistics to most. Will Zee become another statistic? Or will he find his voice through chaos?
Published by Lorem Ipsum, Cape Town, South Africa.

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