We are a holistic

Marketing House

Not every story is told between the covers of a book. What is an author if their book never reaches the shelf? Our years in marketing mean our authors get out there.

What we do

We are the story tellers. 

We are the ones who save your space, book your place, and gather the crowd around the campfire to hear your story. 



Noone knows your story better than you do, so we’ll sit you down with a professional TTL copywriter who knows just what questions to ask to bring it to life. We tell like it is, just with a sprinkle of SEO and marketing magic on top.


Author's Brand

Every person is a brand. We do the work of digging deep and finding out what your lighthouse statement is – your “why” – and turning that story into something your readers will want to be part of.


Holistic Marketing

Lorem Ipsum understands that a good marketing campaign is an integrated campaign. We create marketing experiences that meet your readers where they are, using your authentic voice, across a variety of platforms.

Brand Strategy

We’ll take your story, find your tribe, and help you build a loyal customer/reader base. How? With a far-reaching brand strategy. We have a passion for creating worlds around the worlds you have created.

Graphic Design

From layout design and book covers to advertising and marketing campaigns, we tell your visual story. Our inspired graphic design team bring your vision to life and bring life to your vision.

UX & UI Design

Our perfectionist UX & UI design team understand that good design is pleasing to the eye, but great design is invisble. Let’s create you an author website that sells while it tells. 

Why we are different

Well, it all started back in junior school, we just didn’t fit in no matter what we tried. We are band of colourful misfits, nerds who love to draw, read and muck about with computers. Put us together and a kind of alchemy begins – you see magical things – like leads, sales and disruptive integrated marketing campaigns. All those years of geeking out finally paid off. You’re welcome. 

Our Skills

Not to brag, but collectively, we have some mad skills at our fingertips. From publishing to design and writing to organising campaigns, we have the whole kaboodle.  

We bridge gaps and explore spaces between the biggest literary outlets and the smallest community writers with a particular interest in the South African landscape. We are passionate about what we do, so naturally, we click our heels when others find their zing too.

  • Brand DNA & C.I. Development
  • Graphic Design, Ux & Ui
  • Copywriting & Campaigns

So, what’s it to you? To you, it means a team of creative professionals who swim upstream to break new ground with you. It means a team who believe that every person, every brand, every writer, has a story, and deserves a space to tell it.

For you it means a team who approach your brand as an author from a different angle.

A team who becomes your team.

Our Winning Marketing Recipe

Want a winning combination? We have a not-so-secret recipe for success. The ingredients are simple: Inspiration, experience, and organisational skills. The method? Timing. 



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