It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a hybrid publishing & marketing house!

Breaking news! Did you hear about the creative agency sighting? 

Space is the place. Wait, space? Yes. Lorem Ipsum is holding YOUR space in time and place. Are we different? Yes. Are we extraordinary? Quite possibly. Are we out-of-this-world bonkers? We’ll leave that up to you to decide.

About Us

It was a dark and stormy night (at around 3pm on a Wednesday afternoon) when the doors (to the biometric operated elevator) blew open, a tangle of tumble weed rolled across the desolate  (corporate)  wasteland, and two strange young women locked eyes across the saloon (or the marketing department, whatever). 

Thrown together in this grey and lonesome territory, they found in each other a technicolour playmate.

They found in each other space, a safe space, a space where their brain babies have room to bounce around in,  to morph, to become“.

Story Telling

YOU are the protagonist. We are your narrators.

We are a hybrid advertising agency and publishing house. We didn’t decide to mix up an ad agency and a publishing house – it’s simply what we are.

This combination of story telling & story space creation is as natural to us as peanut butter and jam, cheese and marinara sauce, slap chips and vinegar. Some things are just meant to be together – like publishing services and marketing expertise.

Book Creation

Our award winning publishing team will tell you that a precious few people know how much goes into creating a book. There’s manuscript development, editing, publishing, type-setting, cover design, consistency checks, proof reading and, of course, finding the perfect printer.

Advertising & Marketing 

Throw together a wordsmith extrodinaire turned SEO digital marketing whiz and a typography nerd turned purist graphic designer and what do you get? A creative hothouse of high impact design, converting copywriting and the passionate love story of a marketing team who breathe to tell holistic brand stories.

You also get some really effective, funny, and sometimes downright outrageous marketing campaigns. 

Creativity For Sale

A hybrid ad agency?  Roger. A publishing house? Aye! A creative emporium? Darn tootin’ Ain’t it?

We’re a little special – it’s true. But we think you’re going to like it – and even more than that – you’re going to like what we can do for your business, your book, your story. Yee-ha! 


What’s your story?

Let’s start with “howdy do”

We have many talents, and we accept stories in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes we paint pictures with words, other times we tell stories with pictures. Either way, we’re waiting for you.

3 + 11 =

Look mom, we (don’t) have an office!


Due to the “New normal” and our hipster inability to deny a trend – we are working remotely, usually in Cape Town. Want to meet up? Just pop us an email and we’ll make it happen.

Let’s get chatty!

VoIP Landline

(+27) 087 5223


(+27) 76 012 7711 (the Nak Attack) 
(+27) 72 137 7077 (the Purdinator)

Our email tab is always open, yep