Today we tip our hats to the great Johannes Gutenberg!

If you’ve used WordPress you know about the Gutenberg editor. If you’ve worked with text you know that Gutenberg is a font.

What you might not know is that the man these things are named after – the great Johannes Gutenberg, is not, in fact, a 21st century IT genius. Nope. He was was around in the 1400’s and he invented the very first printing press with moveable text.

Life as we know it (or at least information as we know it) would simply not exist without his innovations.

What little information exists about him, other than that he had acquired skill in metalwork, comes from documents of financial transactions. For his Full story we visited the Britannica .

Suffice to say, we’re big fans. So, hats off to Gutenberg – the man who essentially birthed the modern publishing world.

We salute you!