You can’t leap a chasm in two small steps, you have to jump.

On the 1st of October we stepped off of the permanent employment train. Two cogs dislodged from the corporate machine, and rolled onto the platform of the great unknown, at wtf now station.

Like tumble weed with a mission, we made a cup of coffee, opened our laptops and declared to the world “here we are”.

With one small client lined up and a lot of big ideas, high hopes, and insanely altruistic moral goals, Lorem Ipsum was, for better or worse, come hell or high water, open for business.

Its hard to believe that was 8 weeks ago.
Eight short weeks.

Through our good intentions, determination, spit and fairy dust, we hustled up meeting after meeting, signed some great clients and hit the road running.

Things are extremely optimistic. From websites for architects to signing the publishing contract on what is going to be one of the biggest books to hit the South African market since “my presidents keeper”, we’ve been busy.

All amidst the madness that has been 2020 and the Covid reality.

The truth is, Covid made our working environment miserable to the point of no return, and for that we are grateful.
Without it we might never have had the lady balls to say “fudge it. This is our time to shine. It’s do or die time. Now or never. If not now, then when?”

Work we can share with you so far includes the Ackermans back to school and winter 2021 campaigns (concept and copywriting), Charming Millionairess (publishing, layout, cover design), League of Beers (Logo redesign and copywriting), HFA (branding and website), and a few more exciting things we are busy with on the DL.

Our goal for the first month was to make rent and cover the medical aid. We managed that. Month two and we have some grocery money, too. Hell, we may even buy the kids something small for Christmas!

January brings us our virtual office space, and so the story unfolds.

There was never a single moment of a safety net, no guarantee (and really there is still none). Do we ask ourselves everyday if we’ve made a huge mistake giving up our day jobs? Of course. Are we terrified beyond all reason? Absolutely.
But for the first time in a very long time, we’re also hopeful. We’re happy. We are doing work we love with clients we love even more.
Am I still working till 11pm? Often. But you know what? It’s not stressful, it’s not exhausting, it’s exciting.

We’ve never been so optimistic. Because if we can make it through this Covid shitshow, if we can launch a sustainable business in fires of Mordor that have been 2020, we can do anything, baby.

The real fire though, the one to look out for, is the one burning inside of us. The burning to do great work, the fire for beautiful, authentic stories, the love of the good things in life. That’s what’s powering us (lord knows it ain’t Eskom).

So, good things are happening.
Until next time, watch this space.