Part 1: The Big Clean

A couple of weeks ago the Lorem Ipsum team was gazing out of one of our (home) office windows in a pensive and contemplative state (known to many as “writing”), and we found ourselves somewhat distracted by the large piles of trash lying alongside the railway line in Harfield village, cape Town. Here’s what happened next…

“I am going to pick that up”

“Why don’t we ask the whole complex if they’d like to chip in?”

“Hey, maybe we can post on the local Facebook group and see if anyone else from the street would like to get together for a Sunday spring clean type day?”

…Fast forward several weeks and with a LOT of help from a number of very special people at local businesses, the local PRASA team, and even the local municipality, we had the honor of getting our hands dirty with the wonderful Harfield village community. Over 100 bags of trash were collected by the end of the morning! That was yesterday.

Today, I am sitting at my desk happily admiring the green grass and clean ground along our railway line, with the fine back end of Table Mountain standing proudly above. So, not an entirely selfless act, it’s true – but it certainly is inspiring to see what we can do when we put our heads (and feet) together!

Special thanks to Ruth McNerney for taking such fabulous photographs: 

Part 2: Social Commentary

The local railway zone is now cleared of many (MANY) packets, bottles, condoms, syringes, bits of plastic and all manor of unspeakable unmentionables. Being the story-tellers we are, we’re getting ready to do something with the space we’ve made.

We have enlisted the help of a few local artists and we intend on covering the crass graffiti on the walls with something a little more inspiring. Over the next six weeks a new visual story will unfold. Watch this space for more…

To be continued.