Censored and removed by Africa Sun Media 

Unfortunately, due to complaints by the  South African publishing house where our #1 publisher was working at the time of creating these works, we have had to remove details and defining features. We apologise for the inconvenience. They do not. 

We had so much amazing content to add here.

It included published books, beautiful layoutt design,

Specimen pages, COver design,

Proofreading and manuscript editing.

There were also anual reposrts and academic texts the likes of which you have never seen.


Un fortunately the publishing house in question made us take them down, as we were working for them at the time that this art was created – and yes – it is art.


Sadly, it is all gone now.


Please remain patient while we create new works to share here as Lorem Ipsum, seeing as our personal experienced has beeen censored, in spite of South Africa having one of the worlds most liberal constitutions. We have been silenced, but they cannot stop us from taking up space online.

 We are publishers, we are editors, we are designers we are writers. We are artists.

Hear us roar!