What is Lorem Ipsum?

In the creative industry, lorem ipsum is simply placeholder text.  For us, it’s the text that holds your place. Lorem Ipsum is a              space.   Your space. 

 What’s our story?

We are a hybrid advertising agency and publishing house, with a strong ethical motivation to create campaigns and solutions which are environmentally friendly, socially ethical, and sustainable.

We’re also real people. Not just humanoid life forms turning out product and service, but bona fida women. Women who love stories. We’ve made it our mission to immerse ourselves in the story telling world.

Be they brand stories, business stories or actual books, written by real live authors.  We just can’t resist a good story.

How do we tell stories?

Sometimes we use words, other times we use pictures, either way – we certainly know how to spin a yarn and how to get the world as excited about that narrative as we are. 


Psssst … This is Sister Rosetta Tharpe. She is Lorem Ipsum’s soul animal. Our totem. The Patron Saint of women blazing a trail and doing things in new and different ways.

Who is Lorem Ipsum?


(ay-mee) n. a wordsmith extraordinaire. Writer of sentences. Defender of the Oxford comma. Slayer of redundant apostrophes. Valiant brand brainstormer and digital advertising type person. She thinks therefore she is … writing. 
One who paints pictures with words.

Amy has been around the proverbial advertising block. A copywriter by trade, she is a born off-the-wall thinker with unique stories that have given her a solid grounding in all things brand and advertising related. Something of an  optimistic big picture conceptualiser, her feet remain firmly planted in data and analytics while her day-dreamy campaigns soar through the (digital) clouds.


(na-tash-ah) n. a publishing protagonist.
Visual storyteller. Challenger of weak ideas.
Box-burning free thinker. Customer journey crusader. UX & UI design extremist.

One who tells stories with pictures.

Natasha is our customer journey magician.
She has a passionate love-story with publishing and editing, and is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to putting together a completed work. However, don’t be fooled into thinking she’s bound to print. Natasha is weak at the knees for UI, UX, and design journeys. Being a Utopianist is beneficial when you’re responsible for dreaming up projects that get noticed.

Why is Lorem Ipsum?

Our number one purpose is to tell authentic stories (including brands, entrepreneurs, and writers and authors) with a strong focus on the South African landscape, particularly unheard and marginalised voices. 

We aim to bridge the gap between big business and small entrepreneurs through mindful marketing and collaboration.